Welcome Native Store vacation time and order deadline date

Dear all the precious customers!

It’s been a busy time but really happy for all staff of Welcome Native Store. We have been working really hard and try our best to complete all the orders that our customers trust and purchased from us in the Black Friday, Christmas and New Year eve time. It was a very hard time for the whole staff, but we were also happy to receive good feedback and knowing that our products have become great gifts for family members and friends of customers in the last holiday.

Besides that, because of the crazily large quantity of orders that suddenly raise, although we have tried our best, we can not avoid the negligence in the manufacturing process and transportation. Once again we sincerely apologize to all the customers, and thank those who understand, forgive our mistakes and continue to support us.

After the busy and hard time, we will take long time-off for maintenance and upgrading the factory, also give a vacation to our staff. So we would like to announce the order deadline time. The vacation will start from January 17 to February 1, 2020.

Order deadline date: January 8. We will try our best to finish and shipped out all orders placed before January 8. You can still place your order after January 8, but please understand that the processing time will take much longer than normal because your order will be delayed and go back to process on February 1 when our factory back to work.

Customer service will temporarily stop from January 17 to February 1, 2020. During this time, please sympathize with us when we are unable to respond to your email or messages promptly.

Our site and automatic system will be still available in our vacation time. To follow your order detail and tracking status, you can check your order yourself here: https://welcomenative.com/pages/track-your-order

Our automatic system will still be working at the vacation time, so confirmation emails and important tracking status notice will be sent to your email address like normal.

This notice is created and uploaded on Welcome Native Store site on Monday, January 6, 2020 (EST) 8:18 PM.

Again thank you all for your understanding and support
We look forward to serve you again soon!